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Served with breakfast potatoes, refried beans and two tortillas, sub charro beans  0.59
Huevos Rancheros  Two eggs any style topped with our home made ranchero sauce  11.99
Huevos a la Mexicana  Two scrambled eggs mixed with jalapeno peppers, onions and tomatoes  9.99
Huevos Divorciados  Two eggs any style, one topped with tomatillo sauce and the other with ranchero sauce  11.99
Huevos Poblanos  Two eggs scrambled with roasted poblano and onions, topped with melted jack cheese  11.99
Nopalitos/Huevos Two eggs scrambled with cactus  10.99
Chorizo/Huevos  Two scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo  10.99
Chilaquiles  Tortillas chips mixed with tomatillo or ranchero sauce topped with queso fresco, onions, and sour cream  with two egg (not served with tortillas)
Machacado/Huevos  Two scrambled eggs mixed with machacado meat (dried shredded beef) and pico de gallo  11.99
Barbacoa & Egg Plate  Two eggs any style served with our home made barbacoa  12.99

Served with Onions, chopped jalapenos and side of tortillas Sm 11.99 LG 13.99

Bacon Strips (3) 4.25
Sausage Patties (2) 2.99
Texas Toast (2) 2.25
One Pancake 2.50
One Egg      1.75
HashBrown 2.99
Tortillas (2) .90
Spinach Corn Tortillas(2) 1.00

                 Migas Specials

Served with Breakfast Potatoes, refried or black beans and (2) tortillas

House Migas Plate

Two Eggs Mixed With Tortilla Chips, and pico de gallo Topped with Melted American Cheese 8.99

Chorizo Migas Plate 11.99

Sausage Migas Plate 11.99

Bacon Migas Plate 11.99

Ham Migas Plate 11.99

Machacado Migas Plate 12.99

Beef Fajita Migas Plate 12.99



More Breakfast Favorites

Pan Cake Plate  Two eggs any style served with two pancakes and two strips of bacon  11.99


All-American Plate  Two eggs any style served with crispy hash browns, two strips of bacon, one sausage patty, and toast  10.99


Biscuits and Gravy  Two biscuits with country sausage topped with home made gravy  8.99


Three Egg Omelette  Filled with choice of three items: tomatoes, onions, cheese, peppers, ham, bacon, or sausage, served with breakfast potatoes and refried beans  or black beans 12.99


Messycan Burrito  Two eggs over easy with tator tots and American cheeese with choice of sausage or bacon  8.99


Scrambled Eggs and Ham Plate

Two Eggs Scrambled With Ham, served with refried or black beans and potatoes 10.99


Kids Breakfast

Kids under 12 yrs old, served with a drink


Egg Breakfast  scrambled egg served with bacon or sausage and toast  5.99

Pancake Breakfast Two pancakes served with bacon or sausage and toast  5.99

        Try our new 



Flour or home made corn or spinach tortilla, Two items 2.50, extra items 0.39 each. Avocado slices add .59 per taco


Nopalitos                 Black Beans

Bacon                       Chorizo

Potato                      Pico

Cheese                     Ham

Refried Beans         Spinach            

Country Sausage   Rice

Tomato                   Poblano Rajas

Fresh Jalapenos     


            ​Meat Tacos  


Barbacoa 3.99

Beef Fajita  3.99

Chicken Fajita 3.99

Picadillo 3.99

Chicharron 3.99

Carne Guisada 3.99

Al Pastor 3.99

Carnitas 3.99

Meat Gordita  3.99


Migas Taco   3.50

Huevos a la Mexicana taco 3.50

Machacado and eggs 3.50


*Carnitas with over easy egg

*Pico, Nopalitos and Queso Fresco

*Hashbrowns,egg,pico de gallo

*Scramble egg, tortilla chips,green tomatillo sauce and Queso Fresco

*Carne guisada, scramble eggs and cheddar cheese

*Chicharron and egg topped with Ranchero sauce

*Potatoes, bacon and chili con queso

*Beef fajita, pico de gallo, and chili con queso

*Grill Chicken, bacon and jack cheese with side of ranch dressing

*Chicken Mole Taco

*Potato, corn, black bean, tomato and onion


Bowls Start with 2Eggs & Any Three Items Below 7.99

Extra Ingredients .35 per item

Avocado Slices add .59

Choose From: Bacon, Cheese, Pico, Spinach, Chorizo, Nopalitos, Poblanos,Ham, Sausage,Tomato,Jalapenos, mushrooms

 Mexican Breakfast                                                Breakfast Tacos

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